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Ribera: Magnificats and Motets

Bernardino de Ribera (c1520-1580+) was maestro de capilla at Ávila cathedral where he was the first teacher of Tomás Luis de Victoria and Sebastián de Vivanco. He later became director of music at Toledo cathedral. The major manuscript source of his music was compiled in 1570 in Toledo, but was heavily vandalised in the 18th century. Bruno Turner, doyen of Spanish renaissance musicologists, has worked for many years to piece together what’s left of Ribera’s music and this 2016 recording (featuring nearly all of his surviving music) is almost entirely made up of world premiere recordings.

David Skinner

Rex autem David
Gloriosae virginis Mariae
Beata mater
Dimitte me ergo
Non vos relinquam orphanos/Magnificat primus tonus
O rex gloriae/Magnificat secundus tonus
Virgo prudentissima
Conserva me, Domine
Assumpsit Jesus Petrum
In ferventis/Magnificat quartus tonus II
Hodie completi sunt dies Pentecostes

Extract from Dimitte me ergo
Gloria (from Magnificat primus tonus)

“These solid, well-judged performances elevate Ribera from a mere footnote in music history to something more substantial. Victoria, perhaps, might be proud of his early master” – Gramophone

“The sonorous voices of De Profundis perfectly suit the beguilingly opulent textures and expressive lines” – The Sunday Times

“De Profundis builds the sonic architecture perfectly, brings out the fugal entries, and gives clear direction to the long, smooth phrases” – Diapason (France)

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