Cambridge's male-voice early music ensemble

De Profundis is a hand-picked vocal ensemble that performs continental Renaissance sacred music at the original low pitch, using the all-adult-male forces appropriate to the period.

Extracts from our recordings

Sanctus (Missa Mille regretz) from Morales Disc 1
Regina Caeli from Esquivel’s Secret Garden
Surge propera, amica mea from Vivanco: Missa Assumpsit Jesus & motets

Latest posts

  • Applause in Ávila

    Applause in Ávila

    De Profundis has just returned from appearances at the 2023 Tomás Luis de Victoria Festival in Ávila, Spain. This is a festival that celebrates music associated with Ávila Cathedral. Most of our discography (Ribera, Vivanco, and Morales) is strongly associated with that building, so we were very happy to accept the invitation. Our first concert…

  • Music for the Renaissance Popes: Tickets Available!

    Music for the Renaissance Popes: Tickets Available!

    Our next concert will be conducted by the legendary conductor Andrew Parrott and feature glorious sacred music from Renaissance Rome. It will take place on Saturday, 23 Sep 2023 at Jesus College Chapel.

  • Morales 1 Commended!

    Morales 1 Commended!

    Our first Morales CD has been assigned the prestigious Díapason d’Or from the French classical music magazine Díapason, as mentioned in our review in this month’s issue. We are thrilled!