Here’s a record of some of the interesting things we’ve done and the interesting people with whom we’ve done them.


Sat 30th April, 2022 – Morales Project 1Cristobal de Morales

Magnificat primi toni and movements from Missa Mille regretz & Missa Desilde al cavallero

Little St Mary’s, Cambridge

Conductors: Robert Hollingworth & Eamonn Dougan



July 2021: Josquin Desprez: ‘Master of the Notes’Robert Hollingworth

Part of Cambridge Summer Music Festival 2021

Music written by, in honour of, and once thought by Josquin Desprez.

Conductor Robert Hollingworth



Sept 2019: Palestrina: Music from the Song of Songs

Missa Sicut lilium, and motets from the Song of Songs

Conductor David Skinner



May 2019: Esquivel’s Secret Garden

Juan Esquivel’s Missa Hortus conclusus, and music for Vespers and Compline

Conductor Eamonn Dougan



Sept 2018: O quam gloriosum

Missa O quam gloriosum, and motets for the Saints by Tomás Luis de Victoria

Conductor David Hill



Apr 2018: Pentecost in Rome

Palestrina’s Missa Dum complerentur, and motets for Pentecost by Palestrina and Victoria.

Conductor Jeremy Summerly



Nov 2017: Missa Pange lingua & Marian motets

Josquin’s Mass based on the hymn for Corpus Christi, and some of his most famous motets

Conductor David Skinner



Apr 2017: ‘Music from Salamanca’:Robert Hollingworth

Missa Assumpsit Jesus and motets

Vivanco’s five-voice mass for the Feast of the Transfiguration and a selection motets.

Conductor Robert Hollingworth



Sept 2016: Vivanco ‘Missa pro defunctis’ & Music for Passiontide

The Requiem Mass for four voices and music for Holy Week.

Conductor Bruno Turner



Apr 2016: ‘Sancta et immaculata’Andrew Carwood.jpg

Music for Mary from Renaissance Seville, featuring Guerrero’s Missa Sancta et immaculata and motets by Guerrero and Lobo.

Conductor Andrew Carwood



Sept 2015: ‘Treasures of Venice’

Cipriano de Rore’s Missa Praeter rerum seriem and motets by Willaert, Josquin and Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli.

Conductor Robert Hollingworth.



June 2015: Victoria: Missa O quam gloriosum & motets

A performance at St James’s, Sussex Gardens, Paddington as part of the Voices of London Festival – a joint concert with the Joyful Company of Singers.

De Profundis was conducted by David Allinson.



April 2015: ‘Missa Cantantibus organis’AP photo by Dan Porges

Polychoral music from Renaissance Rome by Palestrina, Soriano, Anerio and others.

Conductor Andrew Parrott



Sept 2014: Ave maris stella’Edward Wickham

Franco-Flemish motets dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. Music by Josquin, Gombert, Willaert, Clemens, Ockeghem and Brumel

Conductor Edward Wickham



Bruno TurnerMay 2014: ‘Weeping in sharps and flats’

A concert of multiple modern-day premieres. Magnificats and motets by Bernardino de Ribera (c1520-1580+), teacher of Victoria at Avila Cathedral. The concert was followed by recording sessions at St George’s Church, Cambridge. The resulting CD (Hyperion, CDA68141) is made up almost entirely of world premiere recordings.

The project was curated by Bruno Turner (above right) and conducted by David Skinner.



Duarte LoboSept 2013: Iberian Renaissance Masterpieces III

Duarte Lobo Requiem a8 and motets by Lobo, Aires Fernandez, Cardoso and Magalhaes

Conductor David Allinson



David Skinner, conductorApril 2013: Iberian Renaissance Masterpieces II

Victoria Requiem a6 and motets by Victoria, Guerrero, Esquivel and Alonso Lobo

Conductor David Skinner



Cristobal de MoralesSept 2012: Iberian Renaissance Masterpieces I

Starting off an 18-month Iberian series with Morales’ Missa Mille regretz and motets including Lamentabatur Jacob and Emendemus in melius

Conductor David Allinson



Robert HollingworthApril 2012: Brumel Earthquake Mass

Brumel’s magnum opus with Easter motets by Josquin, Gombert and L’heritier

Conductor Robert Hollingworth



I Fagiolini CD coverJan 2012: Recording the plainsong for I Fagiolini’s Decca CD 1612 Italian Vespers

Conductor Robert Hollingworth



Sept 2011: De Profundis’s launch concert – Palestrina – Renaissance Masterworks

Missa Papae Marcelli and double-choir motets

Conductor David Allinson