De Profundis doesn’t have a permanent Music Director but instead employs a series of guest conductors who are often world experts in their chosen repertoire. Our roster of conductors includes some of the most important and prominent early music conductors before the public today.


Sat 8th May 2021

Cambridge Early Music: Festival of the Voice

Music from the New World – Francisco López Capillas, Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla and Pedro Bermudez

David Skinner


Robert HollingworthSun 25th July 2020, 5pm

Cambridge Summer Music Festival

‘Master of the Notes’ – music by, inspired by, and once thought by Josquin Desprez

Robert Hollingworth


Spring 2022AP photo by Dan Porges

Orlandus Lassus Missa Congratulamini mihi

Andrew Parrott



Autumn 2022Cristobal de Morales

Sacred music by Cristóbal de Morales – Missa Mille regretz, Magnificat primi toni, Missa Tristezas me matan

Robert Hollingworth