De Profundis was founded by Mark Dourish in 2011 and is a hand-picked ensemble made up of amateur, semi-professional and professional singers from Cambridge, London and the South East. The group focuses exclusively on Renaissance sacred music from the continent.

It has long been known that in the choirs of continental Renaissance churches and chapels the top lines were sung by falsettists or boys or both, and the next line down (named ‘Altus’) was sung by high tenors. The music was sung at a significantly lower pitch than we are used to hearing today with mixed choirs.

We have taken these Renaissance choirs as our model. It is hoped that singing polyphony at lower pitch and using all-adult-male scoring achieves a sound that is closer to what the composer imagined than what is usually offered by modern-day groups.

De Profundis is a registered charity, no. 1156600

The choir is governed by a Board of Trustees, currently comprising Mark Dourish, Stephen Pledger Jones, Dr Sam Barrett, Jeremy Crouch, Matthew Johnson and Keith Bryant QC.

Front of House Manager: Helen Briggs.